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Diamond was an average, friendly, outgoing individual who strived daily to treat others the way she wanted to be treated.  Her life was turned upside down when the normally controlled voices of Rejection and Rebellion overpowered her and resulted in a battle between two worlds.  She would find herself in the fight of her life…literally.  During the scuffles, bumps, tosses and turns of the increasingly frequent interactions with these two culprits, she found herself not only being a victim, but a suspect.  As the walls continued to cave in on her perfect world, she realized that she had to make a choice. Due to the severity of the decision, she needed some reinforcements to determine the best solution.  While grace and love put in overtime to lure her in, guilt and shame continued to counteract their attempts to save her.  If she was going to be free from this place, she would have to do something counterintuitive and countercultural.  There was no manual for this type of approach.  She wouldn’t be able to YouTube or Google instructions to figure this one out.  She wasn’t sure what victory over Rebellion and Rejection looked like.  She had often dreamed of being free to be herself, but those thoughts were always interrupted by the questions of her weirdness or unorthodox approaches.  On the contrary, if she remained as it had always been, she was going to lose her mind.  In Resilient Faith, we will explore the “what”, “when”, “how” and “why” that led to Diamond’s freedom once and for all!

Resilient Faith Paperback

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  • Alicia Sims is a loving, beautiful, black female that strives to present and encourage the "you are powerful beyond measure" in herself and others! She is forged by faith, ancestrally anchored, family focused and village victorious! She is gifted with faith, leadership, discipline, teaching and systematic organizing. She chooses the principles, morals and values of Christianity to govern her character and behavior. She strives to continuously develop and live out her identity in the roles of a committed significant other, grandmother, mother, daughter, cousin, niece, sister, "Ti-Ti", friend, US citizen, student, mentor, business owner, founder of a nonprofit, staff member, artist and activist.

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