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  • How can I connect with The UnCuT Diamond?
    Send an email to with your request or concern.
  • Who is Alicia Sims?
    Alicia Sims is a loving, beautiful, black female that strives to present and encourage the "you are powerful beyond measure" in herself and others! She is forged by faith, ancestrally anchored, family focused and village victorious! She is gifted with faith, leadership, discipline, teaching and systematic organizing. She chooses the principles, morals and values of Christianity to govern her character and behavior. She strives to continuously develop and live out her identity in the roles of a committed significant other, grandmother, mother, daughter, cousin, niece, sister, "Ti-Ti", friend, US citizen, student, mentor, business owner, founder of a nonprofit, staff member, artist and activist.
  • How did the UnCuT Diamond come to be?
    After a series of life altering situations, I recognized that I had been surviving under an incomplete identity. This led me to do some soul searching and with spiritual guidance, I eventually chose to embrace my whole self. This adventure of regeneration produced my artistic identity named, The UnCuT Diamond.
  • Why name the artistic identity? Why use "UnCuT"?"
    My faith has been my foundational launching pad. I have chosen to adopt the principles of the Bible into my everyday life. Throughout the bible, there are multiple times when followers of Christ had similar transitions of life as mine and their name was changed. During my writing of "Resilient Faith", my Editor reminded me of the name I had chosen as the character to portray myself. I was motivated to research the process of a diamond from discovery through final destination. I was intrigued by the descriptions of a diamond before it's cut. It was often described as rough, flawed, unshaped and unpolished. It takes the skills of a cutter to maximize the value of an uncut diamond, producing its brilliance and best reflection of light. Need I explain more?
  • What do the symbols associated with The UnCuT Diamond represent?
    Sunflower: Young sunflowers share a commonality with human beings. They have behavioral changes associated with an internal clock and it cause them to "chase" the sun no matter where they are! Purple: The color of royalty Bengal Tiger: Known to represent rising above adversity, staying focused, strength, humility and discipline. Faith, Hope, Love (stones): Momentous staples of faith based off 1 Cor. 13:13 Anchor (Trust): The security of my life is trust. It is also my weighted vice. Numbers 1,2,4 and 8: There are several life transitions associated with these numbers including but not limited to God, my children, the age I was baptized, anniversaries, birthdays, unity, balance, love, and new beginnings.
  • What does the tagline for "The UnCuT Diamond" mean?"
    The first set of quotation marks encase the entire tagline. The second set of quotation marks ("I AM") distinguishes who has my allegiance. STAND&RD is an acronym for Sanctified To Annihilate Natural Darkness & Resurrect Destiny
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