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Past Expeditions

The UnCuT Diamond leads expeditions that change lives, communities and cultures



Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

Ma Rainey

 If there is a fiercer adjective than “fierce,” that’s what describes Sims’s performance.

John Lyle Belden,  Plays with John and Wendy

 And then there’s Ma Rainey herself. Alicia Sims gives a full-bodied performance where we can see her near-constant rebalancing as well as practically hearing the music in her head. It takes talent to show not just Rainey’s bold outward-facing persona, but also the woman underneath who has a clear understanding of the power plays at work for a Black woman in the music business in the 1920s. Hint: She doesn’t demand a Coke just because she’s thirsty.

Lou Harry,

When Ma did take the stage, she was magnetizing, although usually antagonistic. Her presence is powerful and bold, a true feminine pain in an anxious white man’s ass.  Sims’ portrayal of Ma does not stop at her stage presence. A voice as strong as her will reminds the audience just why this woman is remembered for her contributions.

Chloe Mc Gowan, The Indianapolis Recorder

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Deborah Asante & Artists

A Touch of Glory

Assistant to the Director

This captivating narrative (written by Laura Towne), is a theatrical  masterpiece that transcends time to bring forth the inspiring story of Oscar Robertson and his basketball teammates at Crispus Attucks High School in 1955.

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Gabrielle Patterson

Your Love Will Be Judged

Juror # 2

What would happen if you had to go through a jury trial to get a divorce?

What if that jury consisted of a mostly balanced family man, synical play boy, old school sexist, free-willed yuppie, a bitter male chauvinist and a wholesome romantic with an underlining secret that could break the entire case?

Motivated by 12 Angry Men, this comical, yet inspiring production was first part of Onyxfest (2022) then brought back by popular demand to Indyfringe Festival (2023).

VTV Productions

Mama You Let Us See Too Much

Gospel Stage Play


This production explores the potential for generational trauma to be a family's legacy if not for interventions and faith -filled repentance.

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